Fax Broadcasting Software V4.0.0220

Cost-effective, Reliable high-volume Fax Marketing software.
Fully scalable up to 128 lines, both Regular Modem and Fax over IP (FoIP) supported.
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Desktop Fax Broadcasting Software   Custom Fax Merge-fields   Fax Scheduler   FoIP fax broadcasting

Remote Management

Custom Fax Merge-fields

Fax Scheduler

Fax Reports

Desktop Fax Broadcasting Software with Web interface, manage Fax Campaigns more easily and efficiently   Create and send individually personalized cover-page only faxes with Merge-fields to each recipients   Schedule to Start / Stop Fax Campaigns at specified time and frequency(Once, daily, wekly and monthly)   Consolidated Fax Broadcast Reporting and Statistica, export Report in CSV.

  • Fax Microsoft Word(.doc and .docx), Adobe PDF, RTF, HTML on the fly without MS Office installed
  • Send mass fax both via regular Fax Modems/Dialogic Boards and also over T.38/G.711 VoIP Networks
  • Consolidated Fax Broadcast Reporting and Statistical
  • Fully customizable cover-page, support up to 18 Merge-fields
  • Web management interface allow to accept all over the world, both HTTP and HTTPS supported
  • Fax Scheduler
  • Cover-page only Fax Campaigns
  • Simple installation and setup procedures
  • Quickly Import Recipients from commons CSV
  • Duplicate Fax Number Removal
  • Handle Millions of Recipients with no sweat
  • Customized Fax banner/header
  • Intelligent retries
  • Class 2.1(Super G3) / 33.6kbps faxing support. See Supported Hardwares